Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Clay Port

Hello everyone,

Here I am showing you how to paint a clay port.

I had a small clay port which I was not using for any work. So, I painted it and now using it as a flower port.

It is very easy to paint a clay port. I used metallic spray to give a shiny look to the port and painted the strips with acrylic color.

I could use that port as stationary holder, pen stand,flower port. I want to use it as a flower port. So, I make it simple as possible.You can paint any designs as per your choice and requirement.

For tutorial, check these images..
First of all, Port should be not wet. If it will be wet you can not able to apply paint color on it, and it will look different than original paint colors.

Here, I used dry clay port. For making an even strips I used sellotapes. It will be easy to paint other portion.

Now, use the metallic spray paint to paint the port.Here, I used gold metallic spray paint to give a golden shiny look. Let it dry for 5 minutes, then remove sellotapes. You can see the original color of the clay port on those strips.

Paint those strips with acrylic color. Here, I used blue acrylic color for all the strips.
Rainbow design pattern also looks great on this port. Check this tutorial, Rainbow Glass bottle

The flowers in these images are made from Pistachio shell. For tutorial, You can see my next post How to make flower from Pistachio shell.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Warli Print Glass Bottle

Hello Everyone,
Today I saw you a beautiful warli print glass bottle.
I used acrylic colors to paint a bottle.
for yellow polka dots I used ear buds so I can make specific round shape. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Rubik's Puzzle

Hello everyone,
Here I saw You a beautiful hand painted glass bottle with Rubik's puzzle theme.

I was playing with Rubik's cube...and suddenly this idea came to my mind..and I painted my empty glass bottle.

I used acrylic colors to paint a glass bottle.

All colors are used directly from acrylic paint bottle. Except I made light pink color whit combination of red and white acrylic colors.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bottle Decorated With Woolen String

Hello every one,
Here I am showing you how to decorate glass bottle with string.

You can use any type of colorful string to make this type of bottle. Here I use pink colored woolen string.

I painted this bottle with shiny blue acrylic color. then, I used marker pen to mark the point where I have to stick the string, woolen string to make design, glue for stick the woolen string on glass surface, yellow anchor string for hide the starting point.

After finishing the string work, I bundle the string with flexi rubber band. Then I decorate all small partition of bottle with yellow polka dots. I used cotton buds stick to make same size polka dots.

Now my bottle is ready to hang. :)
You can add extra stuff on bottle. Like woolen flowers, pearl etc. 
You can use this bottle as hanging showpiece in living room or balcony.

Handpainted colourful vase

Monday, 27 June 2016

Rainbow Glass Bottle

Hello Everyone,

Here I am showing you an easy way to create hand painted glass bottle.
Everyone loves to see rainbow. It gives us an amazing feeling when we see rainbow.
I painted the glass bottle, which is inspired by rainbow. It is a very easy to paint and yet it looks beautiful.

You can see the original glass color between two painted strips. At that area I put cellotape for equal partition. Then I painted the particular strip with different colors. 

To create a rainbow design on glass, I used rainbow colors. like, violet,green,yellow,orange,etc. Some of them are made with mixture of two different colors. like, orange and parrot green colors.

When the painted strips get dried, I removed the cellotape which were pasted between two painted strips.

And I got this amazing hand painted glass bottle. Now you can see a rainbow everyday..!!

You can use this hand painted glass bottle as a show piece or as a flower vase.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Basic Steps for Hand Painted Glass Bottle

For Painting, you have to make sure that what and where you want to draw and paint on your product.

Here, I will show you how to paint on  glass bottle.

If you want to make partition on bottle, you have to draw a specific line or border in bottle. Here, I want to make horizontal partition on my bottle, So, I used a sellotape to make a broad width. So I can easily paint specific belt on bottle.

You can use any type of sellotape which can be removed before you paint. There are many types of sellotape available in the market with different width. So, as per your design requirement you can make thick line or border on bottle with these sellotapes.

I painted many different acrylic colors in this bottle. For separation I have used two different sellotapes which have different width. By using this the paint will not mix on bottle surface. When paint dry, remove sellotapes carefully.

After removing all sellotapes I will get clean border line between two painted surface. Now you can paint that removed sellotape area with different color.

Handpainted colourful vase